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About_AshASH – Initiator & Guide of Ride Ibiza

As a young boy I built ramps for my BMX, skateboard and rollerblades. This led to dirt jumping, freeriding, downhill … all on my 150mm Hardtail. Every Sunday my friend and I religiously grabbed our spades and jumped on the train out to the local forests to build trails.

As I got older I experimented with volunteering and teaching. Seeing a lack of affordable bike sales and servicing I opened a bicycle shop in my local town of Dover and sponsored a local rider. I organized a few events and helped a local school receive a new fleet of bikes for school activities.

After a few years I left the bike shop business to find new challenges and being a mountain biker I went where the biking was.

I gained the MBLA qualification and studied outdoor first aid which allowed me to teach a wide range of people from children to army personnel.

Life was good in the south of England, filled with trail construction and maintenance as well as instruction and guiding until a random email offered new opportunities and I found myself in Malaga, Spain. Here I used my experience to give the customers the best MTB holiday possible.

I have successfully taught many absolute beginners to gain confident bike control as well as teaching advanced skills to more experienced riders.

TINA – Partner & Manager of Ride IbizaTina_about_1

I stumbled into the MTB scene quite late and by coincidence. My passion in sports has been athletics, gymnastics, jogging, climbing, Tae Kwon Do, weight training, Yoga, Pilates and dancing.

Through Ash, I got to know mountain biking. It combines a lot for me. The freedom to practice sports in nature, cardio training, body control, learning new skills, challenges, facing fears, living in the moment, having lots of fun, being proud when mastering a trail and biking is definitely also meditative!

I love to prepare the trails for you or to create new ones. The work in nature is unique, it balances me and just makes me happy!

As a Certified Nutritionist, I am very attached to nature. With a natural, nutrient-rich and vital nutrition, you can get the last kick out of your body and run into top form.

If desired, I cook for you from breakfast to dinner. According to your needs or suggestions from me.

Ash has been training me successfully for two years now. I’ve already learned a lot from him and will soon be seeking certification as a guide.

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