Road Bikes Ibiza

Road Biking in Ibiza is quite special. There are some excellent climbs, excellent surface roads and if you know where to go some excellent routes in Ibiza that provide good flow to your ride keeping you on your toes with gear changes and cadence.Road riding in Ibiza with a guide means you can have a route put together in the best direction to keep you entertained and trained.
 Especially in the winter Road riding in Ibiza the island roads are very quiet, even in summer if you know the right roads you can still ride on quiet roads. So get in touch wether you are in a private villa or would like a road bike ibiza retreat arranged. Road bikes in Ibiza is great as all the popular go to places are full of bikes and even the pro teams are coming to train here in the close past years.
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 1 Day 45 Euros
 2 Days 42.50 euros a day
 3-6 Days 40 euros a day
 7 Days 37.50 euros a day

      Giant Defy2 Aluxx
 1 Day 26 euros 
 2 Days 24 euros a day
 3-6 Days 22.50 a day
 7 Days 20 euros a day

    Orbea Orca M30 Carbon
 1 Day35 euro
 2 Days 32.50 Euros a day 
 3-6 Days 30 euros a day
 7 Days 27.50 euros days 

Arrive any time any day just 20 minutes from the airport.

EMail for Availability

Free Airport Transfers included

Our villa is located near the great town of Sant Eulalia.
 Our villa is based just outside of town in the quiet country side but just 5 minutes to the bars and restaurants.
 Onsite we have a pump track and workshop plus a couple of jumps in the back field.

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+34 667200367